Our history

  • 1974

    The beginnings

    On the 13th July 1974 when Corrado Spadotto was 25 years old, opened up his little ice cream shop in Nordend, in Eckenheimer Landstraße 80.

    He planned and realized his dream in two rooms heartily and rolling up his sleeves.

    In 1966 Corrado came to Frankfurt and learnt to make the ice cream in a little laboratory belonging to the company "Capri Eis" in Heidestraße, in Bornheim. His former chief Umberto De Bernardo, started developping a new ice cream machine called "Novagel". Corrado gave all his soul to this activity feelingly.

  • 1975

    Corrado, Petra and Christina

    Corrado and Petra got married and later had a daughter: Christina, who gave the name to their ice cream shop.

    Christina is grown in the ice cream shop and helped her parents during her school holidays. Now she lives in Italy, she's married and has two daughters (twins). When she can, she goes to Frankfurt and helps behind the counter of the ice cream shop.

    In 1981 Mirella, Corrado's cousin, came to the ice cream shop and to this day she is an important support for the team.

  • 1984

    Corrado dedicated himself fully to his Eis Christina

    Corrado changed his work and he dedicated himself fully to his EIS CHRISTINA.

    They completely renewed the shop and then they also added several seats in a small, summer terrace; so Corrado could carry on making the ice cream thanks to the great "Novagel" and every day their customers praise the excellent quality of the ice cream.

    Corrado invested time and energy to optimize the technique of his machine in order to achieve the highest ice cream quality.

    An additional part was developed, patented and in the ice cream machine installed, so the ice cream became more delicious and creamier. The stiffness of the ice cream was smooth and produced in a modern way without any use of additives.

    In 1986 Corrado and Petra had a son: Andreas.

  • 2002

    Andreas and Corrado's devotion

    In May 2002 Corrado moved EIS CHRISTINA to Eckenheimer Landstraße 78, since the company Andresen stopped its business and gave the chance to this extension.

    The ice cream machines "Novagel" are also in the new place. The several prizes, which are exhibited in the ice cream shop, show the high demand of quality in the ice cream production and the remarkable skill winning the first place and prize compared to the competition.

    Every day, Corrado creates freshly at least 10 ice cream flavours in a range of over 30. Our guests can have a choice of about 60 different ice cream creations. Espresso, cappuccino, latte change with cinnamon, hazelnut or caramel as well as cakes and other surprises complete the choice.

    Sure enough every year new flavours come and all new ideas are tested.

    During the summertime Andreas helps his father with the production of the ice cream. Andreas entered in 2006 for a competition in Longarone (Veneto, Italy) and won the first prize in the "under-30" group. That excitement goes on to this day.

    According to many reviews coming from different newspapers (Frankfurt Geht Aus), the radio, the TV and the Internet, Corrado's devotion to the production of ice cream is very appreciated and he considers the advice of his customers in order to improve.

    And now, a quick look at Corrado's ice cream production.

    The ice cream is only made with the best natural ingredients: fresh milk, fresh eggs, butter, sugar, frozen fruits, which are picked when they are ripe, and immediately deep-frozen so they preserve the whole flavour.

    In the vanilla ice cream there is the concentrate of fresh, rare, special beans, those of Réunion ( called also Bourbon Island ).

    The concentrate is firstly heated to 85°C, the necessary temperature for the sterilization of the ingredients. Then the preparation is quickly cooled to 4°C , flowed through the ice cream machine and poured into a container. But it is not yet ready, because at the same time the additional ingredients such as chocolate flakes, walnuts, almonds, honey, sesame and different kind of jam are blended together. Afterwards the ice cream must stand five hours, so all its taste will come out.

    The jam and the chilli sauce are self-produced. In the jam there are fruits, sugar and pure pectin.

    The strawberry sauce and the chocolate one are certainly home-made.

    • The strawberry sauce is only made up of strawberries mixed with sugar.
    • In the chocolate sauce there is only wholesome cacao.

    As the ingredients are fresh and pure, there could be a change of taste. This is "pure nature" which is, as everyone knows, thin on the ground. For this reason Corrado improves independently the ice cream taste and he doesn't follow a strict ice cream preparation.

  • 2009

    35 years Eis Christina
    ice is our life!

    The new season is started, from February to October. The ice cream machines "Novagel" are at work and Corrado creates new surprises with a flurry of excitement and amusement.

    Anyway, that wouldn't be possible, without the important help of professional and competent collaborators who have a particular role in the history of EIS CHRISTINA.

    Without doubt a big success: thank you all!

    In the hope to see you again or to meet you for the first time at EIS CHRISTINA, Corrado and Petra welcome and greet you.

  • 2014

    40 years Eis Christina

  • 2015

    41 years Eis Christina

  • 2020

    Winter break's coming to an end

    We're kicking off a new season.
    Corrado also has some new varieties up his sleeve!

    Let's wait and see!
    There will be one variety for sure and that will be Bienenstich (honey cake).
    He is curious what customers think.
    Of course he will pay great attention to the quality!
    But we wouldn't expect anything else from Corrado.