Unsere Eisdiele ist ab 20. Okt. geschlossen. Ab 1. März 2020 sind wir wieder da. Wir wünschen eine schöne Winterzeit. Ihr Team von EC.
Since 1974

Welcome To Eis Christina!

Two generations stand behind EIS CHRISTINA!
Our philosophy: Only the best quality ingredients for our ice cream!
We use only fresh, high-quality products!
Milk, cream, and butter from Berchtesgaden, fresh free-range eggs, vanilla pods from Tahiti and Madagascar, hazelnuts IGP from the Piedmont in Italy, pistachios from Bronte, Sicily, as well as lemons from Sicily. Jams and sauces are (almost all ) homemade by Chef Corrado himself! Even the almonds for the Aurora ice cream are roasted by Corrado! Of course, Corrado has great support in all areas from his son Andreas!Our ice cream is completely made by us and we are proud to offer our customers a perfect, natural ice cream!

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